JS500 Concrete Mixer

Mixer Capacity: 0.5m3

Discharging Volume: 500L

Charging Volume: 800L

Mixer Motor Power: 18.5kw

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JS500 Concrete Mixer is double shaft compulsory concrete mixer. More advantages of this concrete equipment:

1. To be operated independently as single.

2. To be combined with PLD series compounding machine to form simple concrete batching plant, it can provide associated main machine for batching plant, and is applicable to large, medium and small scale prefabricated components plants and road, bridge, irrigation works, dock and civil building project.

3. Mix hard concrete, quaking concrete, fluidity concrete, light weight aggregate concrete.

4. This series of machine has a rational design structure, with new arrangement, and is easy to be repaired and used.

5. The height of leg like supports are designed as: JS500 is 1500mm, JS750 is 1600mm, JS1000 and JS1500A are 4600mm, among which (JS 1500B, JS2000 and JS3000 use Italian SICOMA technology).

6. The customer can use the mixer combined with tip lorry, dump truck, and mixer truck.



1. Excellent mixing performance--Twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer

2. Wear-resisting lining board--the blades and liner of mixing drum is made of the high quality steel.

3. Shaft-end sealing technology--double shaft-end seal to guarantee that there is no leakage.

4. Multiple protection devices

5. Heavy-duty design, easy to operate and low noise


Specification Unit Value
Discharging Volume  L 500
Charging Volume  L  750
 Mixing Capacity  m3  0.5
 Aggregate Size  mm  60/80
 Working Circle  sec  60
 Mixer Motor Power  kw  18.5
Lifting Motor Power kw 5.5
Pump Motor Power kw 0.75
 Weight   kg  3000
 Dimensions  mm 3030x2200x2680



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