What are the ways to improve the efficiency of concrete batching plant?

December 24, 2021
The use of concrete batching plant is becoming more and more widespread, many users are just using it in the conventional way, sometimes they feel that the productivity of concrete mixing plant is getting lower and lower, today we will talk to you about several ways to improve the productivity of concrete mixing plant.
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1, factors affecting the productivity of concrete mixer equipment in addition to mixing time and time utilization factor is a direct factor affecting the productivity of asphalt commercial concrete mixing equipment. There are also many related factors, such as production organization, management and operation quality of the equipment, among which the technical condition of the equipment operation, raw materials and transport vehicle preparation also have a significant role in ensuring and improving productivity.
2, to strengthen the maintenance management of concrete batching plant equipment, to ensure that the equipment is in good technical condition and in line with the requirements of the national environmental protection law, to establish a strict maintenance and testing system and preventive measures to achieve timely repair.
3、According to the production capacity of the concrete mixing plant and the distance, route and road conditions for the transportation of finished products, sufficient number of transport vehicles should be provided, generally 1.2 times the number needed for productivity.
4. In order not to stop the concrete mixing plant equipment for special reasons, there should be sufficient storage capacity of finished materials. Raw materials should be sampled and inspected, and different sizes of raw materials should be stacked separately and protected from dust and rain.
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