Why are concrete mixers quoted differently?

December 23, 2021
With the development of national construction, the demand for concrete is increasing, therefore, the use of concrete mixers is also becoming more and more widespread, however, some people also find that the concrete mixer quotes are all different, why is this?
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The quality of the concrete mixer is the main factor that determines its price. As the saying goes, the better the quality of the concrete mixer, the higher the price will follow. So when consumers buy a concrete mixer, don't just focus on the low price of the equipment, quality is the prerequisite to ensure the good operation of concrete mixing equipment.
Steel is the skeleton of the concrete mixer, especially wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mixer special amount of steel, directly determine the offer of concrete mixer, 90% of a set of mixer are steel, a small increase in the price of steel will affect its factory price.
Fully automatic concrete mixers are much more expensive than ordinary equipment, generally the more manpower it takes, then the machinery is relatively cheaper, from the long-term goal to consider fully automatic equipment is more economical.
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