Routine maintenance of concrete mixing plant

October 13, 2021

The construction conditions of the concrete mixing plant are relatively poor.If the maintenance is usually neglected, the probability of abnormality in the concrete mixing station will increase.This will cause the produced concrete to fail and damage to parts of the concrete mixing plant.These reasons will cause certain economic losses for concrete mixing plant companies.

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Therefore, we can find out how important the daily maintenance of the concrete mixing plant is!When operating a concrete mixing plant, it must be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures.After all, concrete mixing plant equipment is expensive.Be sure to avoid equipment failure or component damage caused by human error.

   1. Before turning on the concrete mixing plant, be sure to check the equipment for abnormal conditions.If any exception is found, it should be handled in time.

   2. During the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant, always check if the temperature of the motor of the mixing host is too high.Check the air pump, oil pipe and pipeline of each system for leaks and oil leakage.

   3. When the production is completed, it is necessary to clean the conveying pipe part of the concrete mixing station to prevent the concrete from remaining in the pipe, causing the pipe to be clogged or the concrete to corrode the pipe.

   4. When closing the concrete mixing station, it is necessary to drain the cleaning equipment to avoid rusting the equipment.

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